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E&J Fire Systems Ltd install CCTV systems to conform with their customers requirements. Many companies will only see CCTV as an intruder deterrent, E&J Fire will also understand the other factors to consider when installing cameras. Two of the more prominent usage for cameras are in helping to prevent arson and staff abuse.

Data Protection Act

Another very important factor to consider with CCTV is the Data Protection Act.
There are many parts of the act that can affect any future legal actions involving the CCTV Footage. Some examples of these factors are:


E&J Fire will undertake a sign survey to ensure that all visitors and staff are aware of the cameras.
In many cases we use custom signs designed to be more complementary in high end areas. These can vary from a frosted glass effect sign that has been mounted on a restaurants glass entry door, to a stainless steel sign installed in the reception of a hotel.


When the footage is within the system it can be only access by using the correct user code. The data protection problems start when the footage is duplicated. E&J Fire supply the necessary paperwork and then train staff on what information should be documented when creating a duplicate.

Invasion of privacy

One of the factors taken into consideration when conducting a site survey is what sensitive areas could be inadvertently viewed.

An example of this could be:
You require your main entrance gate to be viewed – what is on the opposite side of the road?
You could be viewing the bedroom and lounge window of a private house.

E&J Fire engineers are trained to check what other unforeseen items are viewed with the CCTV camera. In many cases simply adjusting the view of the camera can eliminate most problems. There are other ways to help prevent viewing sensitive areas by blocking out the view or setting up the recording grid to exclude that area.


Digital recorders are self contained units that require no user interaction, unlike the older time-lapse systems that require tapes to be changed on a daily bases and then replaced every three months (to conform with the minimum legal requirement).

Many of our digital recording systems become part of the customers computer network. This allows the CCTV footage to be encrypted and then archived on the server to create a vast backup of footage.

Being part of the network has many other benefits apart from increasing the recorders capacity. The network will allow any user with the correct password to access, control and view live feeds from the cameras, with the added capability of quickly searching a large quantity of recorded footage by date or activation.

After an incident has been found the user can create a clip of the footage that can be quickly printed or saved in a user friendly format. The picture or video file can then be emailed to all staff making them aware of a potential problem. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor (multiplexed video tape), the digital system can be viewed while still recording, this can be undertaken on or off site via a local PC.


In hostile environments we install vandal resistant systems constructed from steel conduit connected to dome cameras. These systems also double up as an intruder alarm system where standard PIR intruder detection would be destroyed. This system can be set to automatically arm after a pre-determined time or be manually set by presenting a key fob to the alarm keypad. When an area is entered after being armed an alarm sounder or remote signal is activated.

E&J Fire installs covert cameras where internal theft has been a problem.
These cameras are discussed within many different devices. The more popular covert cameras resemble:-

  • PIR detectors.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Wall clocks.
  • Light switches.
  • Torches.
  • Radios.
  • Cuddly toys.

Modern cameras are improving at an astounding rate, the size is decreasing with the resolution increasing. Nearly all cameras are day/night cameras usually illuminated with small led lights, installed within a varied amount of housings. E&J Fire regularly review what equipment is on the market to create the best picture at the most competitive price.

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