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Emergency Lighting

Unfortunately emergency lighting systems are usually completely neglected or undertaken by another electrical trade to install and maintain. This is not meant in any way to undermine the workmanship or skills that other trades have but many skilled people do not understand the complexity of emergency lighting.

Emergency lights require a specialised service (BS 5266). This includes:

  1. The emergency light is the correct construction to suit the environment ….(water resistant or directional).
  2. A battery load check to verify they will stay illuminated for the correct amount of time.
  3. The correct amount of lights to give a safe means of escape from the building ….(external exit lights are often overlooked).
  4. The tube is lighting correctly and the correct type.
  5. The date the battery was manufactured (batteries require changing every four years).
  6. The signage is of the correct standard to prevent contravention of the Signs & Signals Act.
  7. Training staff on the required monthly testing as required by the latest regulations.
  8. The correct switching is in place to allow the staff to undertake the tests.
  9. Certification to verify the emergency lights have been passed their service inspection.
  10. A location report detailing the location of the unit with the age and type of batteries.
  11. Stocking specialised batteries required to maintain emergency lighting systems.

E&J Fire Group offer a service to maintain our customers emergency lights during the second (minor) fire alarm test. This has been a very popular method to reduce servicing costs and ensures our customers follow the governmental guidelines with the minimum disturbance within their workplace.

Emergency Lighting Testing

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