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Intruder Alarms

E&J Fire Group installs intruder alarm systems to suit their customers needs. These system start from a small three to four zone domestic alarm and can go up to large multi zone commercial networked systems.

A fully qualified technician visits site to discuss the customers requirements and will then follow the job from the very first cable being installed, until the customer has had full handover training.

All of our systems are simple to use and pre-programmed to silence after 15 minutes to prevent contravening the Sound Pollution Act.

Using the system

You can set and un-setting the system by pin numbers or using a small key fob at the keypad.

Key fobs will give you added security over your system. Some of the many befits are:

  1. You simply approach with the fob and arm/de-arm in a single action.
  2. No additional pin numbers to learn.
  3. Pin codes can been seen by unwanted eyes.
  4. Each fob has an unique code, by checking the alarm log you can verify arming & de-arming times.
  5. A fob can be lent out and then returned, unlike telling someone your code.
  6. Simply delete the fob to block a user from further use.
  7. A fob can be programmed to several alarm systems.

All of our keypads have a clear text description showing the pre-programmed area of activation, unlike the cheaper systems that only show a number.

The alarm system can be as simple or complex as your premises requires. This can involve multiple keypads arming and de-arming independent areas or a single keypad that will allow the automatic change over between night time and day setting.

Alarm notification

The sounders (SABs) E&J Fire Group use LEDs indicators that are visible during the day and help show the alarm system at night. Although the sounders use a discrete UV proof polycarbonate cover, they will not be overlooked when the alarm is sounding, this is achieved by utilizing a loud two tone sound and a bright white strobe light.

Internal sounders can also be installed to create a painfully loud environment. With the addition of smoke cloche the intruder will find the building almost impossible to negotiate.

For the customer who require notification when they are off site, we install a speech dialing device.
The speech dialer will contact up to four numbers in sequence until the alarm is silenced or a key is pressed on the phones keypad. This function is ideal if you can not attend, you simply hang up to allow the next preset number to be contacted. If the relevant detection equipment has been installed, several pre-programmed messages can be used:

  • Smoke has been detected.
  • The panic button has been activated.
  • The intruder alarm has been activated.
  • There is a power failure.


There are many forms of detection that are used on intruder alarm systems. The most common are:

  • PIR detectors – Detects heat change.
  • Dual tech detectors – Detects heat change and requires a solid object to move also (ideal in hot environments).
  • Beam detectors – Detects an object blocking the two parts of the beam detector.
  • Break glass detectors – listens for the sound of breaking glass.
  • Smoke detector – Used as a NON-categorised and NON-certified system.

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