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E&J Fire Group install door access system to suit their customers individual requirements. These range from a simple pin code operated access system, to a large networked fob driven system that has the added functionality of recording time sheet data. This data is then displayed on a local PC.

The larger systems can be programmed to create passes that will expire after a pre-determined time, ideal for temporary staff or contractors.

One of the unique services we offer our customers is to program there system with the user names, addresses and employee or id number provided. This includes creating temporary labels on each token, fob or card.

This time consuming practice is undertaken within the E&J office to help prevent any unwanted disturbance, then the data is transferred to the access system within minuets when the tokens, fobs or cards are delivered to the customers site. One of our customs found this service to be invaluable as they had over 745 users.

Another popular use for door access systems is an intercom system that allow remote control of a reception door. These system start with a simple phone or video phone sitting on a receptionist desk, to a desecrate domestic system with a radio phone that can operate several doors or devices from one handset.

Intercom systems can communicate in many ways: Hard wired, radio link or via a BT phone line.
The phone line system is very popular in three completely different environments:

  1. Large drive ways.
  2. Blocks of flats.
  3. Industrial estate gate access, controlled by several units.

Because the system uses a phone to control the door access there are three major advantages:

  1. Remote door control can be easily achieved from off site.
  2. Installation costs are less due to the small amount of hard wiring.
  3. In volatile housing environments it is unlikely the resident will vandalise their own phones.

E&J Fire Group has installed many systems within residential homes to prevent the residents from harm. The system prevents access to sensitive or dangerous areas but will allow free egress for all staff members and visitors. These systems have the added benefit of a door ajar alarm. After a pre-determined period of time if the door has not been completely closed, a local or remote alarm will sound to make the staff aware the door is not secure.

All of our systems are designed to allow safe egress during an emergency.
This can be achieved in several ways, some examples are:

  1. Green smash glasses (similar in appearance to fire alarm call points) that will de-activate the system when pushed.
  2. Interconnecting the access system to the fire alarm, when the alarm sounds the doors will un-lock or open.

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